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7 Reasons to Start a Mindfulness Training in Your Business

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness training means paying attention and being fully present in the situation you are currently in. Mindfulness meditation, on the other hand, builds a mental space between your thoughts and how you react to these thoughts. One of the simplest and easiest ways to practice mindfulness meditation is by focusing your attention on your breathing. […]

How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Day at Work

Practice Mindfulness

Being a working adult, it is unavoidable to get easily distracted. According to studies, most people spend 47% of their waking hours thinking about something else aside from what they are doing. When working, this mind-wandering can lead to underperforming tasks. This is why the need to practice mindfulness is more accentuated than ever before.  […]

10 Easy Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do in the Office

mindfulness exercises

Nowadays, the mind is continually undergoing through a lot of work, making people feel more emotional, stressed and at times aghast. Daily, workers have to spend eight hours or more dealing with emails, the boss’s requests, and even the clients’ demands. Due to this, many employees feel harassed and haggard. In such cases, it is […]

Mindfulness Tricks to Help Reduce Your Anxiety

mindfulness tricks

Anxiety seems like a normal occurrence in people’s lives in this busy modern world. You might worry about passing the final exams, of getting enough loans for a house, or of getting laid off from work. At some point, we have all focused excessively on our futures. Whatever is fueling your anxiety, you can get […]

How Mindfulness Can Help Improve Your Relationship With Your Employees

Work Mindfulness

No boss would want to be considered as the “terror boss” in the office. It is the type of boss that any employee would want to avoid. This is the type of boss that may scream at you for no apparent reason, be on your case just because he or she is having a bad […]

Reasons Why You’re Having a Hard Time Being Mindful and How to Overcome Them

mindfulness problems

Many ask how to practice mindfulness if there are far too many mindfulness problems to overcome. True enough, everyone who traverses into this path experience a lot of challenges along the way. Mindfulness meditation is, after all, a practice that requires so much concentration and freeing of the mind. Still, the only way out is […]

Personality Mindfulness: How Does It Affect Your Everyday Life?

personality mindfulness

In the past decades, studies on meditation and personality mindfulness activities have flourished. With that, let’s shed light on the positive effects of mindfulness on one’s overall health. It comes as no surprise why many people are searching for “how to practice mindfulness” on the internet. Personality scientists are trying to come up with fresh insights […]

How Mindfulness Exercises Help People with OCD

OCD Mindfulness

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, more popularly known as OCD, is an extremely common disorder. In fact, a report by BeyondOCD states that 1 out of 40 adults and 1 out of 100 children are diagnosed with the disorder in the US. This disorder is most commonly found in people between ages 15-44. For this, many experts suggest […]

Simple Mindfulness vs Mindfulness Meditation: Similarities and Differences Revealed!

Mindfulness vs. meditation

Mindfulness vs. meditation has long represented a conflict among many experts in the field. Meditation and mindfulness meditation are two generally confused, yet very debated terms. So far, these have been interpreted in many ways. With that, all their health benefits come to the scene, as benefits relevant to know.   For practitioners, the challenge is finding […]

Mindfulness Is Real!: 5 Scientists Who Proved Mindfulness Qualities

Mindfulness Qualities

For many years, yogis have used meditation to make the most of mindfulness qualities. Naturally, this enabled them to become more enlightened and have a better life. While there is no exact date to pinpoint when meditation was invented, most scholars agree meditation is about 5,000 years old. Many times, mindfulness qualities have been related to spirituality, because of its […]